New comerzzia Enterprise Suite

This new version presents improvements that will make retailers adapt to market innovations and changes produced regarding the new customer journey and that will let retailers provide a better customer experience.

A mental state named "Multichannel"
The evolution of customer journey is leading to the blurring of the line that separates the physical and digital world.
The line that separates the On-line and Physical world is blurring
Cross-channel Ticket Consolidation

Our multichannel capabilities provide customers greater flexibility for orders management, product visibility and the control of the stock more agile than ever.

  • Click & Collect. Strength your sales channels with this service, where customers purchase online and pick up their order at the physical store or any other pick up point.
  • From Ship Store. The product availability at the store is no longer a problem. With this new service customers can buy at the physical store having access from the POS to the eCommerce embedded at the point of sale. 
Digital Ticket, the new revolution for customer interaction.
Adapt your strategy to the new Era of Store Digitization

With this new functionality, the client receives in its Smartphone a digital ticket through the QR code incorporated in the printed ticket, offering the retailer a great opportunity to retain and generate traffic to other sales channels like the eCommerce or social media platforms.

Comerzzia Digital Ticket allows customers to share their shopping experience and reviews through social networks, receive personalized offers and even assess the quality of service, becoming a more personalized support and customer retention channel for retailers. +Info


New and alternative loyalty programs models. Listen, Analyze, Act
Social Networks as a new channel for customer loyalty

Traditional loyalty programs are becoming at the eyes of the customers a commodity, causing the lack of differentiation on retailers' engagement programs. Comerzzia Involve CRM will replace ordinary loyalty programs, becoming the differentiator and disruptive element in retail business strategies, providing the retailer the capability to know in real time what their customers say and what their needs are, allowing them to customize promotions and merge their sales channels.


Our social media active listening platform track every comment and review on Social Media Networks, websites, blogs, or other online platforms, analyzing and identifying those most influential users, our clients profile, key topics and trends¿ providing periodic summaries. Access to our Retail Observatory and find out for yourself. +Info

The most powerful Enterprise Promotions and Campaigns Management System
Promotions based on rules, individual and clustering campaigns

The system can generate Comerzzia promotions and personalized promotional campaigns, discounts, sweepstakes, coupons and giftcards. It also offers direct customer promotions based on the items purchased and the channel you made the purchase.


Relationship marketing elements such as up-selling and cross-selling suggestions play an important role in the average ticket by providing an immediate promotion, strengthening the link between brand and customer, providing greater loyalty rate at the same time we increase our sales.




The eCommerce customer has more clear what he wants and seeks differential services.

Fco. Javier Rubio, Chief Executive at comerzzia