Unified Commerce Platform
Drive a superior Customer Experience

comerzzia is a modular retail platform that enables retailers to optimize their customers satisfaction across multiple interaction touchpoints giving consistent, unified and seamless experiences that drive greater engagement and sales. For Food y Non-Food Retailers.


Discover our Unified Commerce view

Backoffice Core

Centralized process manager that controls the information from the central.


All customer information, products and sales, are synchronized from the different on and off channels.

OMS. Order Management System through on/off channels

It allows to fulfill the customer promise "purchase, delivery and return between and through any channel" quickly and seamlessly.


We have developed a world of customer services thorough comerzzia Customer Experiences Management, so that you can offer better shopping experiences. Your customer will access to the services catalog by store from any channel, which will allow them to request a click & collect or repairing a product in the store, selecting the most convenient time.


New concept of order management and preparation from store, allowing 2-hours delivery.



Integration with Marketplaces for a unified view of inventory

Full visibility of the stock is essential for a unified commerce vision. Your customer can check the stock of any store from any channel, even from marketplaces, allowing them to check the stock of their nearest store and making a click & collect order for 2h collection.

OS Point of Sale / FastPOS in mobility

Optimized for cloud, mobile, social & Internet of Things (IoT) capabilities, and adapted to give response to your customers' different lifestyles.


Complete integration with OMS enables flexible and seamless shopping experiences between and across the different channels.


CRM capabilities from the POS for personalized shopping experiences, cross / up selling, assisted sales and clienteling.


Flexible and agile (based on Java technology), robust and integrated with third party solutions (ERP, CRM, e-Commerce ¿).

Online Store, eCommerce, mCommerce

With specific functionalities for retailers Food or Non-Food, your online store will work as another store, with unified prices, promotions and customers. Additionally, your customers have full visibility of the stock, in order to offer consistent experiences through different channels.

Involve CRM, drive a superior CX to achieve greater customer acquisition, retention and revenue growth

Loyalty, Campaign Management, Advanced Analytics, Customer Analytics including segmentation in natural language, Real-Time Offers and In-store CRM including up / cross-selling strategies for assisted sales and clientelling.

comerzzia toma mayoría en el accionariado de ASG para ganar posición en el sector del retail

Con la entrada de comerzzia en el accionariado de ASG ambas empresas refuerzan su estrategia de soluciones software

comerzzia imparte el primer curso formativo de Desarrollo de software bonificado

Impartimos el curso formativo "Desarrollo de software de comerzzia" en colaboración con la Universidad de Sevilla

Why is a Java based POS solution a competitive advantage, according to Gartner?

Discover which technology are using the Top-15 most competitive technology platforms in the retail market.

Designed to increase sales and reduce costs

On premises, in cloud or a combination of both.


Tracking and monitoring from the central to the stores chain.


Advanced loyalty in Involve CRM includes all the essential capabilities to offer your customers unique and superior shopping experiences.


There are no borders. You will be able to open a shop anywhere, with any currency and any language from the central.


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