New twist in Big Data
Comerzzia Involve CRM provides a key advantage for retailers

Comerzzia responds to the need of retailers with a real-time measurement and feedback from customers and brand reputation through social networks.

Retailers will be able to create promotions on social platforms, connecting online and offline marketing campaigns.

Come and discover how food and non food brands in retail industry are positioned in social networks.

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New and Alternative Loyalty Programs
Big Data, IoT and Social Media monitoring, new players on Loyalty Programs.

The new way of engagement that retailers are living are generating the active participation of customers, the release of personalized and cross-channel marketing campaigns that provides us Big Data Technology, predictive analysis, social networks and IoT integration, are issues that are conforming the new pillars of comerzzia loyalty programs.

Adjusted and customized promotions make the customer feel unique and special, what increase customers' loyalty by 82% according to Gartner.

Incorporate Social Media as a new loyalty channel
A real-time photograph. Listen, Analyze, Act.

The Active listening platform of comerzzia not only analyzes information from social networks like Twitter, Facebook or Youtube, but it gets to track all reviews from forums, blogs, online newspapers or other websites generally making a semantic analysis of comments. This allows retailers get to know their customer, identify the most influential users and generate real-time promotions.