comerzzia supports ARTS Standards
The fastest implementation of technology within the retail industry

comerzzia supports ARTS Standards that enable us to integrate with third parties software applications and hardware devices, providing a defined structure that speaks the same language than your applications. A fast integration to provide a seamless shopping experience with loyalty programs, inventory searching, price checking, and other services that we understand and integrate with. 

No More Complex Integrations
comerzzia is build it from zero as a Best of Breed Omncihannel Suit for Retail integrated with main ERPs and other third parties applications.

Third party applications are integrated same as a part, transparently for the end user. comerzzia owns an open architecture, componentized, service oriented and more easily configurable for an Omnichannel experience

Flexible and Open Technology

Third party applications can be both free, open-source or owner software, giving to retailer more options for optimizing the costs and having a better chance of delivering a lower total cost of ownership